It’s good to be doin’ mantra

I shot this video while walking through my neighborhood. The weather was fine, the sun was shining and I felt like spreading the joy of being in the flow. You’re welcome!

What you can’t see in the video is that I’m rubbing my index finger and thumb together in a circular motion. That helps to root my attention into my body. Try it for yourself!

A mantra for when you’re feeling overwhelmed

Sometimes the problems of life seem to pile on all at once. Trying to work harder and do more only leaves you feeling exhausted and pinches off the flow to your happiness.I don't have to chase happy...

When you’re ready to feel better, go outside and take a walk. Give yourself a chance to get some fresh air, clear your mind and connect to your body. Try repeating this mantra over and over for a few minutes to get yourself back on track!

I’ve been using this mantra for years. Let me know how it works for you in the comments below.

xoxo Pam

p.s. If you ever see me while I’m out walking, be sure to wave and say Hi! Or feel free to join me!


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