Sam Berns’ Philosophy for a happy life

*Here’s a video from a 17 year old kid with a fantastic philosophy.*

Here’s some of my favorite quotes from Sam…

“I try hard not to waste energy feeling badly for myself because when I do, I get stuck in a paradox where there’s no room for happiness or any other emotion. It’s not that I ignore when I’m feeling badly. I accept it. I let it in so that I can acknowledge it and do what I need to do to move past it.”

“No matter what I choose to become, I believe that I can change the world. And as I’m striving to change the world, I will be happy.”

“Being brave isn’t supposed to be easy.”

“Never miss a party if you can help it!”

And here’s Sam’s favorite quote…

ferris bueller quote

So, what’s your philosophy of life, my friendly blog reader?

I’d love to read it in the comments below.

xoxo Pam

p.s. Unfortunately, Sam Berns passed away about a month after he did this video. Although he will be missed, he left behind an inspiring legacy and that’s the true mark of inspiration.

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