Pretty world by Sam Baker

Sam Baker

Sam Baker

On my way home from Toastmaster’s  last night, I listened to Terri Gross on NPR’s Fresh Air interview Sam Baker.

Sam had been touring Peru with some friends, and was on a train to Machu Pichu when a bomb went off in the luggage rack over his head. The people in the seats next to him were killed and Sam barely survived his massive injuries. His body was torn apart, he had a massive head injury and severe hearing loss. It took 15 surgeries to put him back together.

Although he had dabbled in songwriting in his younger years, during his recovery he realized songs were just coming to him. Much better, more beautiful songs than he had originally attempted. Despite his constant struggle with severe tinnitus , Sam writes and performs his music, including this, the cover to his album Pretty World.

You can listen to the podcast with Terri, and read more about it here. Sam Baker: Finding Grace in the Wake of Destruction.

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