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Pam neutral headshot 1:2014I have been so incredibly blessed. This past Saturday was the Write your Story workshop here in Ortonville, MI. We had about half the people show up because of the heavy snow and one of the presenters couldn’t make it, so I covered her part. Fortunately, she had given me her notes to put together the presentation, so I was pretty familiar with it.

Jill Clawson event headshot

Jill Stodola

We started with the coffee and donuts while we waited for everyone to show up. We gave them some extra time because of the snow. Thanks to a suggestion by my friend and assistant Jill, I started the class by leading everyone through the Stretch. That got us all on the same page and ready to kick off the day.

After I started the presentation, introducing myself and going through the basic housekeeping of the day, Don Rush did his presentation about how to write for and build an audience. An entertaining and engaging speaker, he inspired our authors to find their own audience, and write from their own experiences. Everyone was very impressed with his knowledge and passion for helping aspiring writers.

Don Rush

Don Rush

Don had us laughing and writing down notes as fast as we could. His tongue-in-cheek delivery and good-natured approach made him a joy to listen to.  He answered all of the many questions our writers asked. As with all of the presenters of the day, I made sure to pass out his business card for those who are looking for a writing coach/editor. He’s a very talented guy, this Don Rush, and I look forward to having him back at future workshops.

Charlene McMillan

Charlene McMillan

The next presenter was Charlene McMillan of Brightway Marketing. She talked about the basics of what an author needs to know when bringing a book to a graphic designer, as well as how to market their ideas. Her presentation was clear, enthusiastic and very thorough. Despite the snowy conditions and the microscopic size of her rental car, Charlene’s wonderful energy absolutely lit up the room. We were so glad to have her knowledge and expertise and look forward to bringing her back for future classes.

We broke for lunch just before noon and headed over to Ken’s Coney on M-15. That was one of the highlights for me! Five of us sat and talked about books and ideas while we ate lunch and laughed together! It was such a great time!!

Elizabeth Meyette

Elizabeth Meyette

We headed back to the Old Town Hall where I did my very best to cover Betty’s presentation about traditional publishing vs. self-publishing. Although I self-published my book, You’re the Boat, back in 2012, I’ve never worked with a literary agent, or written a query letter before. Fortunately, Betty’s presentation really helped guide us all through the steps we would need to take to do that. Whenever we came to a part I didn’t know, I simply said so. However, I did offer the people who had come to class another opportunity to cover this when we do the next workshop this spring. They can come to the next workshop for free. All I ask is that they promote the workshop, and write a short testimonial. Everyone seemed to think that was fair.  :)

Mark Kelly

Mark Kelly

Mark Kelly came in after lunch, as I was working my way through Betty’s notes. His presentation was entertaining and easy to follow. He helped our aspiring authors feel more confident and ready to bring their stories into the world by talking about copyright rules, as well as the basics of a what makes a good headshot. He’s a very talented guy, and his years of expertise were inspiring.


Write your story workshop photo

Elizabeth, Pam, Pat, Zoe & Janet

We had such a wonderful time on Saturday. It was a fantastic opportunity to hang out with other aspiring writers and let that synergy inspire us all.

I’m looking forward to doing this workshop again in the spring or early summer. I’ll be sure to give plenty of notice so you can mark your calendar.

Thanks again to everyone who made this day a success. I can’t wait to read the books and stories that were hatched at the Write your Story workshop!

xoxo Pam

p.s. Here are the testimonials from all of the ladies who attended the event. Thanks again ladies!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you all!! :)

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