What’s right with the world?

I watched this movie last night on Net Flix with my Darling Husband Blake. Although I knew I’d enjoy it (I’m also a huge fan of Tom’s previous movies including Ace Venture, Bruce Almighty and Patch Adams), I was surprised and amazed to see the concept behind this movie supports everything about the idea of Current Inspiration. Ultimately, everything here, all the quotes, clips, pictures, stories and essays have been written and collected to have a lasting positive influence on the world. That deep feeling of contentment and joy I feel when I get to share this website and it’s products with other people isn’t some kind of freak anomaly. This generosity is biologically supported.

Although we’ve been taught that we’re separate and need to be significant at someone else’s expense, the truth is we are born to be our brother’s keeper.

We are far grander than we’ve been told.” Lynne McTaggart

Our biology supports this notion and this movie shows interviews with scientists who show how we are all connected. Through the mirror neuron,the vegas nerve, and the magnetic field of our heart, we can ‘feel’ (really physically feel) how other people feel. It’s not a trick. Our bodies are hard-wired to be sympathetic .

Darwin quote

The concept behind this movie has the potential to change the world. It clearly illustrates that each and every one of us has the power to effect real, positive change when we put our minds to it. We are all part of a system that is not out to punish and destroy, but to love and support it’s inhabitants. Every thought we think towards making a lasting positive difference, along with everything we do with the intent for good, has the power to change the world.

“The highest possible stage in moral culture is when we recognize that we ought to control our thoughts.”
—Charles Darwin, The Descent of Man, 1871

I would HIGHLY suggest watching this movie. I can’t accurately express the feeling of pure unadulterated love I felt hands-holding-a-glowing-heartwhen it was over. You owe it to yourself, the people you love and the world around you to watch this movie. It’ll change you, if you let it.

Remember, by accepting encouragement and hope, you become the magic you’ve been looking for. :)

Thanks for stopping by Current Inspiration. I sincerely appreciate your time and attention.

Have a phenomenal day!!

xoxo Pam


In response to the stormy seas of life, my husband Blake and I have created this website to be a Current of Inspiration, a wave of love and joy to wash away hate and fear. By posting every week, it's our commitment to making our world a better place. We hope you find it uplifting and will share it with your friends! Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

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4 comments on “What’s right with the world?
  1. Pam, you and I are doing exactly what we have been guided to do for the world. By leaving a positive lasting impression by our writing and teaching of others.
    Carry on!

  2. Julie says:

    Pam, what is the title of the movie? It’s not showing up on my ipad.

  3. The title of the movie is I Am by Tom Shadyac. Here’s the link to the official website… http://www.iamthedoc.com/toms-profile/.

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