From the Cards of Alchemy by Raymond Buckland.


Gifts: Maintaining balance. Recognizing openings. Healing. Abundance. Responsibility.

Challenges: Decision-making. Need to reach beyond your apparent limits.

“VITALIZE your interests in your own and others’ health; invigorate your concerns with holistic health – the combination of body, mind, and spirit well-being. You are presently in the position of being able to choose what you do. The world, right now, is your oyster. Reach out and embrace all that is good. You can move rapidly from one interest to another, if you wish, for you have the power to charm and to inspire.

If you are contemplating a new career, something to do with the healing arts would be perfect. See the healing arts as a means to open up the world to others; to lead them to the full enjoyment of all things. There is the potential of great prosperity ahead for you.” (There’s a lot more symbology and information in the card, but that’s the essence of it.)

“Lord, I pray let my words ring true and help my actions be an inspiration.” Me

With that said, for the past year or so, I’ve had this idea in my head of the Healing heArts network.

I wasn’t really sure what it was about at first, all I had was the name, a tag-line “To recognize, connect and promote the people and businesses dedicated to the healing arts” and a vision of what the logo looks like. (See the picture below. Please note, every community would have their own name in red). I could even see it in store windows and cars, note cards, buttons, t-shirts, shopping bags, business cards…… You get the point.HealingheArtsnetworklogo-2

But since I published my book (YEAH!!) it’s finally starting to come together.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far…..

The purpose of the Healing heArts network is to support and fortify the people and businesses dedicated to the healing arts in order to promote and sustain ourselves and our community.”

The mission is to create a place where people can talk whole-heartedly about their struggles and victories without someone rolling their eyes if they mention the words energy, healing, Divine, manifest, feelings, intuition, astrology, Oracle cards, etc…

Their art can be as divirse as gardening, photography, painting, writing, Reiki, massage, graphic design, the list is infinite.

Whatever helps to bring a lasting positive influence is invited and encouraged. 

4hands collaboration

Bring whatever your heart is willing to offer.
(i.e. my lady-friend Jill Stodola suggested “Creatively caring for our community” as another tag line. Isn’t that cool?! )
Be open to the desire of the possiblity that everything really is going to be okay. :)
We are co-creating with the Divine, here.
 If the idea of that bothers you, then this is not for you. (*waves good-bye* Best of luck in your endeavors.)
By providing a sense of camaraderie, enrichment, support and shared purpose to healing the world and it’s people, the Healing heArts network will become a way for us to see and be the change we wish to see in the world. (Eventually, I would love to put together an Enrichment Festival, a free event showcasing the talents of our members and bringing in people from all over. For now, we’ll start with the Healing Arts night at the BB&E farmers market this summer. Date to come soon!)
The vision is for people to meet once a month to talk about what their art is, where their business/art is and where they would like it to be. We would all get a minute to stand up and talk about who we are,  what we’re looking for and what we have to offer. This could be experience, materials, products, services etc….
Members will be mentors for new people and the new people will be connections of growth for the more established businesses. I’ll be sending out an e-mail to people inviting people to become members. If you read this and haven’t gotten an e-mail from me and you want to be a part of the Healing heArts network, make sure you contact me. :)
It’s about creating and sustaining our cultural economy by sharing our gifts, talents and experiences. 

One of the keys to getting this up and running is to find places that are open to hosting.

I can see meetings starting in Ortonville on Wednesday mornings at the Old Town Hall, Tuesdays mornings in Rochester at Soul Space, LA Cafe in Waterford and maybe even Merge Art Studio in Oxford, and so on and so forth. If someone missed the meeting in their community, they would be invited to attend a different location. The meetings would cost $5 per person to cover administrative costs and snacks.


Boy, am I excited!! :)

Although I don’t know exactly how all of this is going to work out exactly, I have faith that this idea wants to come to life!!! Especially because I’ve already shared it with a number of people who have all seemed very interested!  I have about 80 people on my contact list so far. :)

If you are interested in learning more and being a part of this, please click the link to contact me, Pam Belding. Make sure to give me your name, and contact information, what you like to be called, your healing art/gift/talent, where you’re from and what you’re willing to offer. Time, money, commitment, energy, connections, leadership, a positive attitude. Whatever helps to bring a lasting positive influence. :)

If you really like the idea and would just like to donate, please feel free to do that too!!


xoxo Pam

p.s. I believe we become the stimulus we need when we speak well and often of the people, businesses and events within our community. :)

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