True Friends

David Ritter

David with his granddaughter and Mom

*This poem was written by David Ritter. I met him at the Flint Library Adult Author expo this past weekend. You can find him on his Facebook page, The memories I keep*

True Friends

Friends will come and friends will go like the passing years.

But true friends stand the test of time through smiles and the tears.

In both good times and the bad a true friend is always there

To share a laugh or wipe a frown and show how much they care.

In a world where life is tough and people grow unkind,

I have learned without a doubt true friendship’s hard to find.

This is why when late at night before my prayer ends

I thank God with all my heart for my truest friends.

Thanks for sharing your gifts, David! You make the world a better place! 

xoxo Pam

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3 comments on “True Friends
  1. David Ritter says:

    Thanks for posting my poem! However the picture is of my granddaughter Elia not daughter. :)

  2. You’re welcome, David. And I’ve fixed the caption!! :)

  3. Pam, Thank you for sharing David’s beautifully written poem. Jill

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