Spiritual First Aid kit

First aid kitApparently I’m not the only person to have thought about this idea. When I googled the Spiritual First Aid kit for an image, it found a whole bunch of them. Everything from the word of Christ, to music, to essential oils & chakra balancing. The idea of a spiritual first aid kit is not new.

However, with that said, I’d like to talk a little bit about an idea my coach and I uncovered one afternoon during a call. I was chatting with Lisa Robbin Young about moving our lives out beyond the daily dramas and ancient histories of pain. Instead of staying caught in the swirling vortex of “being right”, we decided it would be a good idea to try a new approach. An approach that allows for grace, movement and relief to replace the hard certainty that comes with being stuck.

photo credit Dale Hoffman

photo credit Dale Hoffman

Instead of holding on to being right, when you’re ready to move forward, start with using gratitude. Appreciation for the lessons this situation or person has to teach you will enable you to see the path forward. Like a bridge between where you are and where you want to be, gratitude for the lessons you’ve learned helps you see that problems can be opportunities for growth. Of course, you can be right. You have every right in the world to hold onto that grudge/habit/abusive relationship. However, you must realize that holding on to it is only going to hold you back. When you’re ready to move forward in your life, let go of thinking you have to be right and start feeling grateful.

The next tool in your spiritual tool kit is forgiveness. Sometimes you forget to count your blessings and end up stuck again, feeling sorry for yourself and your situation. It’s easy to do. The details, problems and drama in our lives are very addictive and seem to be lurking around every corner. Turning on the television, getting a phone call or even reading magazines at the check-out counter can be a trigger that sends you swirling back into the “Oh man, life is really scary and nothing is going right” mentality. Everybody goes through this. Beating yourself up for not being perfect or having all of the answers (although a very popular pass time) is simply another form of procrastination a.k.a. control. Healing will finally start when you stop abusing yourself, and/or the other person, with righteous indignation and just….let…. go….

girl and puppy eating ice creamGratitude for your life and forgiveness of yourself and other people allows you to bring out the next two tools. Compassion and fun create room for your Captain to make the necessary adjustments in your heart and soul. You work hard to take care of your job, your family and all of your responsibilities. Doing more and working harder alone isn’t going to get you the life you want. (As a classic workaholic, I am especially prone to this and know of where I speak) That deep satisfaction of a job well-done is only fully appreciated when it’s balanced out with some good old-fashioned happiness. It’s vitally important to stop regularly, take a breathe, find some compassion for yourself (and the people around you) and have some FUN! Fun and the joy it brings creates a different kind of energy than work. It completes the cycle of creating a life worth looking forward to.

Ultimately, the key to taking care of your spiritual health is to be mindful of your intentions and expectations. Keep your spiritual first aid kit handy and don’t beat yourself up when you find yourself caught up in the drama. Although you may find yourself stuck and scared again (cuz seriously, it happens to everybody), just know that you don’t have to unpack and live there. Use this spiritual first aid to to feed your soul and grow yourself out of it. Gratitude, forgiveness, compassion and fun can help you heal in order to move forward with grace and finesse.

What do you think, my friendly blog reader?

Do you have a spiritual first aid kit? What’s in it? Where do you keep it? 

I’d love to read about it in the comments below.

xoxo Pam

p.s. Here’s the next project to be spot-lighted in the Burlap Art video series. What do you see?

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