Solar roadways

*Thanks to my friend Jayson Smith for introducing me to this.*

How incredibly cool is this?!!!Solar roadway

Especially for those of us living in Michigan, this idea of building solar roadways is just phenomenal! The advantages would be miraculous! No more potholes. No more road crews. No more orange barrels. No more downed power lines. NO MORE SALT! Better lighting and clearer path markers, not to mention All that POWER!!!

I’m going to donate to the IndieGoGo fun to help turn this into a reality. Click the link to add your support, too.

Thanks to Scott & Julie Brusaw for following their dreams and creating this fantastic idea that can seriously, change the world!!

What do you think, my friendly blog reader?

Can you imagine what life could look like with Solar Freakin’ Roadways? 

Go check out the IndieGoGo page and help make it happen!

xoxo Pam
p.s. I counted 21 smiles yesterday! How many did you count?

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4 comments on “Solar roadways
  1. I would rather see them do an over-the-road sort of thing. To me, this just has way too many obstacles and there are other ways to do it. Plus the estimated $56 trillion price tag. I like what they are doing in some other countries though! We just need to get our heads out of our rear ends. Did you see this project? I may share it out too.

  2. Fred Stout says:

    I’ll happily chip in a bit more in taxes if it gets us off the big oil tit. Oil and coal will be here as long as we can pump it or dig it out of the ground. But why not use renewable energy where we can. This looks like a great start. We’ve spent close to 6 trillion on the war on terror. And we spend about 4 billion a year on fossil fuel subsidies. This would be money much better spent.

  3. I want renewables too, but I just don’t think this is the way to go. If we model after what some of the other countries have started, it seems a much more feasible way to use solar would make sense. My questions – in addition to the cost – include the durability of solar panels we drive on – including heavy vehicles, what happens during freezing/melting, how slippery are they, what if one breaks, what does it do to tires, roads are most traveled during the day when the sun is out so it seems inefficient to have it under instead of over the vehicles. I worry that this idea just doesn’t seem to be well thought out, even though it sounds cool Having something that is above or on the side of the road just seems so much simpler and less costly (therefore serving the need faster and more efficiently).

  4. Glad to see the conversation getting stirred up! That’s the whole point! :)

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