People’s greatest help.

*I found this in the Tao te Ching.*

photo credit Monte Trumbull

photo credit Monte Trumbull

“Nothing in the world

is as soft and yielding as water.

Yet for dissolving the hard and inflexible,

nothing can surpass it. 

The soft overcomes the hard;

the gentle overcomes the rigid.

Everyone knows this is true,

but few can put it into practice.

photo credit Dale Hoffman

photo credit Dale Hoffman

Therefore the Master remains

serene in the midst of sorrow.

Evil cannot enter his heart.

Because he has given up helping,

he is people’s greatest help. 

True words seem paradoxical.”

Sometimes it’s hard to stop helping. We want to know we’re doing “everything we can” to make the world a better place. But even more important than “helping” is being aware of our actions. Our minds may try to convince us that pushing ourselves and doing more, especially in service to others, is the answer, but in reality, there’s a lot more going on than we realize. We really should stop once in a while and  look at why we’re doing what we’re doing before continuing on.

The truth is, sometimes not helping IS helpingGiving that special person or situation space to be, and offering our best intention without meddling in the outcome, is a gift.  Simple is good. Less is more. Trust and faith that everything is as it should be are a precious commodity.

What do you think, my friendly blog reader?

xoxo Pam

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