“If you think you’re too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” Dalai Lama

I’ll be completely honest. I’m here to inspire you.

Although what I’m about to tell you isn’t easy, in all fairness, it needs to be shared in order to start the healing process our country so desperately needs.

For years the ‘news’ corporations have been breeding mistrust and cynacism. Although they say they’re “Fair and Balanced”, their main interest is holding on to your attention. By pointing out everything that’s wrong and scary and then amplifying it, their power comes from keeping your energy stifled and stagnant.

Your frustration and anger proves them right.

Your fear of doing something wrong stops you from doing anything at all.

Your silence empowers them to take advantage, and so they have.

So the question is, how can you get news without television?

You need a ‘news’ diet.

Instead of stuffing yourself with the lies and propaganda so easily found in your television set, you need to go out into the real world and talk to real people about what is really happening. That’s where the news is. Just like eating junk food is never going to make you feel satisfied, sitting behind a television screen is never going to feed you what you really need, because what you really need is to be engaged.

Get out of your own head. Go outside. Talk to people. Give up the idea that you’re right and everyone else needs to change because that’s exactly what created these problems in the first place.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhigandhi

The OccupyWallStreet movement is a non-violent demonstration bringing together people who are interested in the peaceful exchange of ideas in order to create a process to address the problems we face and generate solutions accessible to everyone.

“Human solidarity, empathy with one’s fellow person, is our guide. Democracy and consensus, our compass.” Even Rohar of OccupyDetroit media

pam-occupydetroitI was at the first General Assembly of the OccupyDetriot movement last Friday evening. My friend Heidi convinced me to go, and I can’t tell you how glad I am that she did. (Thanks Heidi xoxo) I was absolutely amazed and thrilled to see well over a thousand people gathered in Grand Circus Park. Although we saw a couple of mildly heated exchanges, the people around them were quick to dispel any violence. No one was screaming or cussing. There was no spitting or fighting.

What I did see what a very orderly exchange between the facilitators and the people of the event.

See it here for yourself….

I was indeed “inspired by the process, modeling the society they wish to create”.

The People’s Mike method was fantastic! Although I’ve been to many, many meetings in the past, this one was different because it left me feeling empowered and excited to help. By the end, although I was tired and my throat was sore, I felt exuberant at the same time. So I talked with a couple of people from the Arts & Culture work group about my ‘You’re the Boat’ analogy. They thought it would be a great idea to share it not only with their group but with Education as well. So I will, after I’m done building the new Boat. (It’s coming along nicely, btw).

The working groups is the other part that truly inspired me. According to the minutes from the General Assembly meeting that first night, they are……

  • Media = To create media that will show what we stand for.
  • Food & Comfort = To keep our community fed & comfortable.
  • Education = To define the economic situation in America.
  • Legal = To help demonstrators who are taken to jail. Although they won’t pay your bail, they will help you contact your family and friends.
  • Direct Action = To plan, train and engage in non-violent direct action in order to achieve political, economic and social goals outside normal government channels.
  • Student = To address student debt collectively and start study groups in occupation @ local colleges and universities.
  • Information = A free library at the Park
  • Arts & Culture = Because we all need to keep our spirits up during the Revolution!
  • Outreach = To bring in more people and organizations to the movement.

All of these working groups have a few people in them, but need many, many more volunteers in order to be most effective. I would love to join each and every group, however, that would burn me out and then I couldn’t help anyone. So, I’m planning on trying to make it down there once a week to bring supplies and inspiration. I’ll also be writing about it here on my blog and sharing it through-out the internet.

My friend Heidi really loved the rally and wants to support the movement too, but with her job and family, she doesn’t know when or how. I’m sure there are a lot more people like her, so what’s the answer? How can you and Heidi help?

old-man-occupywallstreetSpeak well of the movement. The demonstrators need your support, as well as your faith in their mission to make a difference in this country.

Stop rumors that there are ‘angry mobs’ and instead talk of the multitude of different kinds of people coming together.

Share your belief in what these demonstrators stand for, such as democracy, freedom, accountability and equality for all Americans.

Send them good vibrations, as well as blankets, food, water, tents, heaters, and books.

Most importantly, try to focus your energy on the solutions to the problems in this country, as well as the vision of a future we can all look forward to. And when you get distracted by the details, problems and drama, try again. Please. :)

Remember, We are all in this together.

So, my friendly blog reader, I hope this has inspired you to understand that there is still hope for our country.

You can make a difference. Start now.

xoxo Pam

p.s. I’ll be heading back down to OccupyDetroit later this week to bring supplies and inspiration. If you are in the SouthEast Michigan area and have something you would like to donate, please let me know by contacting me at pambelding at gmail dot com.

p.p.s. For more information about the OccupyDetroit movement, check out their website at www.occupy-detroit.us.

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