*This was originally published a few years ago in an ODE magazine. It was titled “There is no lover, only love”zen-buddhist-statue

“We have tried all kinds of meditation techniques. We are still conflicted, neurotic, unfulfilled. We sit down, exhausted from our efforts, dispirited. We throw out the whole idea of meditating. We give up.

And there we are.

We have finally come to where we are. Where we are is meditation, wherever we are. There is no entry and no exit. There is no doing and no not-doing. There is no technique, no result, no power, no experience.

Where we are, there is no meditator, only meditation. There is no thinker, only thought. There is no doer, only action. There is no lover, only love. We do not need a special time or place to be where we are. We do not need to retreat, to isolate, in order to be where we are. We do not need anything. We need nothing. Nothing is necessary to be where we are. We are all meditation masters. This is our birthright. Most of us don’t realize this. That is our curse. Realize it. Relax. Recognize where you are.”

xoxo Pam

p.s. My very dear friend Jackie Walker shared this short 18 minute meditation from Tom Evans with me. I’ve done it a couple of times when I needed to rest, but didn’t have a lot of time. Afterwards, I felt completely refreshed and clear headed. I hope you enjoy it too.



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