List of immaturity

neil degrasse tysonAbout a week ago on FaceBook, Neil deGrasse Tyson wrote a list of things he does that fall below his expected level of maturity.  Now, I can’t seem to find that list, but it inspired me to write my own.  Maybe you’ll want to write one too!!

  1. I sing out loud in public.
  2. I’ve been seen wearing a bra on my head!!
  3. I make magic wands and teach others to make them!
  4. I talk to strangers while waiting in line.
  5. I crouch down to bring myself  to eye level when I’m talking to little kids.
  6. I skip through parking lots when the mood strikes
  7. I order iced tea when most people order a beer.
  8. I scooter up and down my drive-way.
  9. I smile and wave at people as I walk around the lake.
  10. I talk to dogs and cats.
  11. I swing my feet during board meetings.
  12. I watch Spongebob Squarepants.

So what about you, my friendly blog reader?

photo credit Brenda Timmermans

photo credit Brenda Timmermans

What do you do to keep yourself young?

I’d LOVE to read your list in the comments below. :)

Have a wonderful day!

xoxo Pam

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2 comments on “List of immaturity
  1. April says:

    I do #3(the making part),#4,#6(except i like to act like the shopping cart is a dogsled),#12(everybody should) i skate around with my kids(you should see the looks i get). I love feeding the birds in parking lots(sparrows are so cute)I make special trips to get icee’s. Have a happy one!

  2. Thanks April! xoxo

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