Kintsukuroi bowl

Kintsukuroi bowl

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I love this idea. To “aggrandize the damage by filling in the cracks with gold”.reach for the sun

How often do we look at our scars and the damage we’ve endured and feel shame, or embarrassment? Sometimes that memory brings back pain, but when we look at it like this, that memory can be a testament to our transformation. We’ve been through the fire and come out stronger and wiser for it. We’ve not only changed, we’ve been transformed.

Everything we’ve been through has helped us to become who we are today. We can either use it as an excuse to be miserable or an opportunity to grow. It is always our choice.

When we find the lessons, we can feed our soul.

I hope you’re filling in your cracks with gold, my friendly blog reader.

xoxo Pam

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2 comments on “Kintsukuroi bowl
  1. I love the Japanese idea of filling in the cracks with gold. The older I get the more I appreciate & accept my scars. They have become a part of me, a sacred part of my life. To be honored and shared with the world.
    Love your blog and the gently falling snow on your page.

  2. Thanks Jill. Blake added the snow the other day as a way to embrace the Holiday season. Pretty cool, huh?!

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