How much fun can we have?

“First as a child, it seems like the entire world is ther for you and you rush to drink form its every cup, sometimes wondering to yourself how anything could ever be more fun.

Then, as you grow older, if you’re observant, you realize much of what you enjoy was made possible by the contributions, work and labor of those who came before you, and you’re taken aback, disappointed even, because with maturity you can now see cracks in the facades, imperfections in the details, and 10,000 ways it could have all been done better.

At which point, folks typically choose one of two paths: Spend a lifetime lamenting how far from perfect things are.  Or, to one degree or another, roll up their sleeves, and pitch in.

And should they choose the latter with GUSTO, they will come to know, to the core of their sacred being, that the differences they might make in the world cannot be made by another.  And then they will discover the answer to their often-wondered childhood question….That the most fun one can have  in time and space comes from making such a difference, and that the joy derived from serving is 10,000 times that of being served.”

At your service,

The Universe

*I’ve been getting notes like this  from the Universe for years and would love to recommend them to everyone.  Go check out Mike Dooley and his team at

You may remember the project I made with their 2009 Calender .  I wrote about it here.Don't be afraid...I’m trying something new ;)   dont-be-afraid Click this link to hear me reading this in a podcast.

Have a great weekend!  I’ll be back on Monday with the Inspirational song of the week.

xoxo Pam

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