Enter lightly

*This was originally posted by Ram Dass on FaceBook*

sacred pond


If we are to help heal the world, we need to remember that it is a sacred place. Our actions need to be positive statements, reminders that even in the worst times there is a world worth struggling for. We need to find ways to keep the vision alive, to acknowledge but not get caught in the dark side, to remember that even the worst aspects of suffering are only part of the whole picture. We need to enter lightly.”

Ram Dass


Ram Dass

You can read the rest of the essay on the Love Serve Remember Foundation website here. 

Wishing you care, love and peace, my friendly blog reader.

xoxo Pam

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2 comments on “Enter lightly
  1. Jill Stodola says:

    Ram Dass, an interesting writer with a positive approach to our earth. Positive is the BEST way to be! Gently caring for the world, one action at a time. Kindness to each & every living thing.
    Thank you, Pam

  2. Thanks Jill. Peace be with you! xoox

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