Elif Bilgin

Did you hear about this young lady?  Elif-Bilgin1

Sixteen year old Elif Bilgin, of Istanbul, Turkey has developed a bioplastic from discarded banana peels.

She spent two years working on the project before entering and winning the Science in Action award at the third annual Google Science Fair competition, 15-16 year old category. The prize was $50,000 (US) and a years mentorship at Google.

Elif says this plastic is simple enough normal folks could make it at home. According to this article in the Scientific American Magazine “In her research, she learned that starch and cellulose are used elsewhere in the bioplastic industry (such as from the skin of mangoes) and made the leap that banana peels might be suitable feedstock sources as well. She hopes that the use of the bioplastic could replace some of the petroleum-based plastics in use today for such applications as insulation for electric cables and for cosmetic prostheses.”

To read more about her, including an interview with Scientific American, please check out this article.

Congratulations and Thank You, Elif!!! You are what hope and ingenuity looks like. :)

Have a wonderful day, my friendly blog reader!

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