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Reading an inspirational story is nice.

Listening to a motivational speech is too, but it’s the act of putting that inspiration into practice that sets your life into motion. 

These classes are designed to give you a nudge toward a life worth living. Get some friends together and let’s have some fun!

When you sign up to host a class, expect…

  • Fun, easy to understand instructions
  • Lots of analogies and true life stories to help illustrate to ideas.
  • All of the hand-outs, worksheets and supplies needed to make the project.
  • A professional phone consultation prior to the event to make sure we all understand how I can best serve you and your audience.
  • An announcement about your event on my blog and social media channels (unless you have directed me otherwise)
  • Follow-up communication after the event to make sure I met your expectations. (I also want to know how you think I can improve.)

Please contact me when you’re interested in booking a Current of Inspiration class!

You’re the Boat Strategies for navigating life’s challenges

(60 minutes) 
Based on the Amazon #1 bestseller You’re the Boat: Charting a course toward a life worth looking forward to, this class helps you see life with a fresh perspective using the four systems of a boat: Guidance, Logistics, Propulsion and Navigation. By breaking life down into smaller chunks, you see how making small, but targeted changes can drastically effect your entire future. 
Students get a deeper understanding of themselves by looking at how…
  • Staying tuned into your Guide/Awareness is the first step to protecting yourself.
  • Practicing good self-care allows you to adjust your attitude.
  • Identifying the members of your Crew has a tremendous impact on your voyage.
  • Paying attention to your values steers you toward a life worth looking forward to.
  • Recognizing self-discipline as a tool for harnessing your energies to get where you need to go.

By taking this class, your students will walk away recognizing the power of their True self!

Here’s what some past class participants have to say…

“…an inspiring attitude adjustment, a boost of positive energy. You helped us to focus on what matters in life instead of our insecurities.” Renee’ Cannon

“Energizing, helpful, informing and fun with all the right people.” Paul Atkins

“Inspiring and calming. What I liked best was being comfortable in the presence of strangers.” Bobbi

“Energizing, inspiring, positive approach to my daily life and future. I loved getting grounded and centered with the Stretch.” Jill Stodola

“I attended Pam’s event and it was SUCH a great class… Really got me thinking about my daily 5 requirements to have a good day and gave me clarity. She has a tendency to ease the soul and let’s you know that everything is going to be ok… I’m excited to attend another event she has to offer!” Melissa Reyes

“Pam creates a safe space for getting unstuck and moving closer to my dreams. Her program opened my eyes to a new way of looking at how I take care of myself – or in my case, how I wasn’t taking care of myself in two crucial ways!

As a performing artist, it’s important that I keep myself mentally, physically, and emotionally ready for whatever comes my way. Pam showed me (with love, of course), how I was “missing the boat” with my health and well-being. I came away with a new perspective, and specific tools to make a major course correction in my life and work. Without Pam’s insights, it may have been years before I saw how I was neglecting my own needs – and ignoring my dreams in the process. Now, I’m ready to sail the high seas regardless of the storms that life may throw at me!” Lisa Robbin Young

Make your own Magic Wand 

Making wands at Thrive!

(2-3 hour) Have you been working too hard lately? Are you stuck in a rut? You need some FUN!!

This class helps you tap into the creativity, joy and magic buried underneath all your responsibilities!

Simply choose a stick, paint it any color(s) you like then wrap it with string, ribbon, leather strap or cording. Easy peasy! As an added bonus, you build and decorate your very own Magic Wand Handbook, which includes oodles of inspiring quotes collected from all over the place; Marianne Williamson, Jim Henson, a Dove chocolate wrapper and even a Chinese fortune cookie. Walk out of this class with a smile on your face and a physical reminder of your own inner power “Because faith in yourself is the strongest magic there is!”

Please contact me when you’re interested in booking a Current of Inspiration class!

Burlap Art

Pink Days

(3 hour)  Do you need to get out of your head for a while? Do you enjoy working with fabric, paper and beads? This is the class for you!

Build a piece of burlap art and focus your attention on creating something beautiful instead of feeling worried or stressed out. These projects are as elaborate or as simple as you want to make them. (See some examples here.)

Start by pulling out the horizontal threads from the top of a canvas of burlap and then weaving in a stick. Then pull more threads in the body of the canvas. Next, make beads from Sculpey clay and tie them around groups of the vertical threads in a pattern. Finish by weaving in ribbons, leather strap, embroidery thread, fabric, feathers, flowers, paper or anything else you can possibly imagine. The most important part is to stay open to being delighted! By making your own burlap art, you transform your stress into joy and creativity while making a gorgeous work of art!

Please contact me when you’re interested in booking a Current of Inspiration class!

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  1. Hi, I’ll will be attending your book writing class on August 3rd. How should I pay at the door or send check before? Nancy

  2. Fantastic!! You can send the check ahead of time. I’ll e-mail you the information. Looking forward to seeing you on August 3rd!! xoxo Pam