Heart’s calling

*I found this on Facebook and thought you would enjoy it!*

my love thriving,
constant reviving-
like a desert flower,
it bursts through sand-
exposed to life’s desolate moments,
it stands,
I come through reaching,
even when dryness comes,
emptiness tries to swallow me-
compassion breathes life through me-
penetrating to the roots of my growing,
even in the vast lands of my heart,
passed my garden-
nourishment comes.
the harsh elements-
that press against my openness,
but still,
I come to my replenishing,
rains will come-
and water me with grace-
and rising,
yes always thriving-
in beauty,
the garden of me.
Heart’s Calling

By Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg


I wish you a beautiful day, my friendly blog reader!

xoox Pam


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