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Every time a person stands up...

A magic wand handbook to create a current of inspiration.

“Every time a person stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, they send forth a tiny ripple of hope… These ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.” Robert F. Kennedy

Blake & Pam 20 years

We’re glad you’re here!

Back in 2009, while we were living in Brazil for my husband’s job, I was inspired to start writing. It started with You’re the Boat, an analogy that uses the different parts of a ship to describe the different parts of your life. Although I hadn’t written anything longer than a grocery list in more than 10 years, I felt compelled to write an essay about this life-changing idea in order to share it with other people who may be feeling tossed about on the stormy seas of life.

I asked my darling husband Blake to build a website with a blog where I could further polish my ideas. That’s the story of how this Current of Inspiration website was born.

Our mission is to create a current of inspiration, a wave of love and joy to wash away the hate and fear in this world.

If you’re completely sick and tired of all the fear and drama, and more interested in creating a life worth living, you’re in the right place!

About Pam Belding

Pam 2015 headshot cropped

Let’s create a life worth living.

Dedicated to taking care of my family and making the world better place, I currently live in Ortonville, MI with Blake and our wonderful son, Garrett. Originally from the Central Valley of California, I’ve also lived in Queretaro, Mexico and Brazil twice. Once in Tatui, Sao Paulo and Penedo, Rio de Janiero.

As an author, speaker and life coach, my heart’s desire is to help you see yourself with a fresh perspective. That’s why I coach, write books and tell stories.

If we’ve met in person, more than likely we’ve shared a Stretch. It’s a two minute balancing centering exercise that helps with focus and stress management. Click the link to watch the video and do it with me.

“The power to create a better future is contained in the present moment.”

Let me show you around

First things first. Read this page to make sure you’re in the right place.

Since you’re still here, you might enjoy looking into…

  • You’re the Boat: Charting a course toward a life worth looking forward to. Published in December 2012, it became a number 1 bestseller on Amazon in the spring of 2015. I’m currently writing the sequel “A Fresh Perspective” using edited blog posts to expand the four systems of the Boat; Guidance, Logistics, Navigation and Propulsion. My goal is to have it ready sometime next year. You can bring me in to your group, class or staff meeting to talk about it today! 
  • Feed your Soul  Based on the idea “you can’t dig yourself out of the pit of despair you have to Feed your Soul and grow your way out”. This idea will soon be published within the propulsion system of the new Boat. Coming soon is a Feed your Soul Soundtrack worksheet. Stay tuned!
  • So much FUN!

  • The Magic wand Handbook  Originally written in 2009 this book is still inspiring a yearly Make your own Magic Wand workshop. “Because faith in yourself is the strongest magic there is.”
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Inside the newsletter you get…

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  • a short update on upcoming speaking events, coaching offers and products.

Speaking of coaching offers, take a peak at the new Fortify and Protect Yourself coaching program. Based on the You’re the Boat analogy, it helps you stop worrying and start taking control of your life.

Adjusting course

One of the things I learned by becoming a published author is when you tell people “I wrote a book” they respond in one of two ways. One is to ask “What’s your book about?” but the second, most popular response, is to say “I have a book I’m writing too!

Badass Don Rush

Badass Don Rush

So,  I started a writer’s group with my friend and editor, Don “Don’t rush me” Rush. Combining his 30 + years of writing experience with my desire to inspire, we give people a chance to learn the basics of what it takes to write a book.

We meet the 3rd Thursday of every month from 7pm until about 8:30pm at the Brandon Township Library. Every month, people who sincerely want to write have a place and a tribe to help bring their dreams into reality.

Whether it’s poetry, a cookbook, a memoir, an instruction manual, fiction or non-fiction, whatever your passion, bring it in to share with us.

We also have a FaceBook group where we share articles, stories and helpful tips, along with requests for guidance and support. Friend me, Pamela Roberson Belding, on FB if you’re interested in joining us.

304 South St Ortonville, Michigan 48462

304 South St
Ortonville, Michigan 48462

Where to find me

On social media, you’ll see me on Twitter, LinkedIn, , Pinterest, tumblr and Google plus but I especially enjoy FaceBook. Go there and get signed up for the CurrentInspiration page.

Network with me every Thursday from 7:30am until 9am at Coffee Club in Clarkston, MI.

Tootsie smile 2016

I work as the office administrator for the Lake Orion DDA so you can find me at the office or helping at events.

You may see me with my dog, Tootsie Roll and occasionally my darling husband, walking around our neighborhood in Ortonville. Please feel free to wave or stop and say Hi!

Again, let me mention the Writer’s group on the third Thursday of every month at Brandon Township Library.

For folks in the SouthEast Michigan region, feel free to invite me to your group, class or staff meeting. I genuinely enjoy meeting new people!

I’m glad you’re here!

Whether on-line or in person, I’m really glad you’re here and I hope you find this website to be a source of inspiration.

I love deep conversations about joy and soul development.

Together, let’s cultivate the vision of a life worth living and create a wave of love and joy to wash away the hate and fear in this world.

And let’s have fun doing it!

xoxo Pam

p.s. Congratulations for making it all the way to the end! If you’re feeling inspired, please feel free to make a donation and help ensure the continued success of CurrentInspiration.com.

p.p.s. I almost forgot to mention our new Cultivate your life app! Check it out and download it to your Google device!


*This website is a collaboration between me and my Darling husband Blake.

Blake 'splaining the tech.

Blake ‘splaining the tech.

I refer to him as my Darling husband because he’s not only my I.T. guy, he’s also my hero and my best friend for over 20 years. Blake has done an amazing job making this website responsive.(Responsive means that you should be able to read this on your tablet and phone, as well as your computer.) He’s the reason all the buttons work! Blake spends almost as many hours on this website as I do and I’m so proud and happy to have him by my side. If you have any questions about the technical bits, please contact him at [email protected]

20 comments on “About
  1. Pam, so good to get a glimpse into your world and so very flattered you include me as one of your sheroes. WOW! Here’s to inspiration – what an incredible mission.

  2. Pam Belding says:

    Wow, right back atcha!! I just think your awesome!!

  3. Sandy says:

    WOW!! PAM!! You blow me away!! I had no idea!! You are totally my shero!!

  4. Pam Belding says:

    Thank You so much Sandy!! xoxo Pam

  5. Adan Lerma says:

    interesting site, found it via a tweet from emmanuelle lambert

    “dedicated to the recognition and pursuit of inspiration” – i like that, thanks!

  6. Thanks Adan! And thanks to Emmanuelle Lambert! I’m glad you like it. Feel free to browse around. I’ve been writing twice a week for a couple of years now, so there’s lots to look at! xoxo Pam

  7. Absolutely lovely site! I love it!!! I found you through the Goddess Circle and intend to come back to take a look periodically … limited time, can only read periodically, etc, etc. I love your links and lists and especially your blog entries! So thankful to have found you!

  8. Thank you Kate! I’m so pleased you stopped in and like what you found!! I look forward to getting to know you better! xoxoxoox

  9. I love your website Pam! =D

  10. Thanks Chris!! I’m glad you like it!! :)

  11. Kenwood (Nick) Shone says:

    You’re an Inspiration.

    Thanks for putting beauty in our world!

  12. Thanks Nick! It’s my pleasure! xoxo

  13. Pam, how utterly fabulous to find myself in such illustrious and joyful company, thank you ever so much for the inclusion. You are most definitely an inspiration x

  14. *blush* Thanks Jackie! I sincerely adore you! :)

  15. Ben Steele says:

    Hi Pam, Its Ben from Taco Bell, thank you so much for the book, it means alot. I didnt know what it was until i got in the car on the way home. Ill read it this weekend so i can focus on it. For what I have read, you are a very smart and inspirational woman and i cant wait to read your book. Thank you to you and Jill for being great people, the few customers like you two make the job a lot more tolerable. See you again soon at Taco Bell

  16. Hey Ben, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the book. It’s a genuine pleasure to get to see your smiling face every week. Thanks for being a part of our Crew! xoxo Pam

  17. Well done! I really liked your layout of key areas: 1.You might also like to know. 2.What I wish I could tell my younger self. 3. Where you can find me.
    Love it!

  18. Lindsay Newcomer says:

    Pam, I always appreciate the fact that you send out “good” into the world every day. Whenever I see your posts, they inspire me to spread the positiveness. I love your about page. Keep doing what you do!

  19. Thanks Lindsay!! xoxo

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